Sunday, August 24, 2008


Bamboo is the perfect décor for the bath. Naturally resistant to water and easy to wipe clean these bamboo bath accessories are both fashionable and functional.
And with a smooth to the touch finish, bamboo products will transform any bathroom into a zen-like home spa experience!

GAIAM - Bamboo Shower & Bath Caddy

Choose from either the shower caddy or bath tub caddy…or go for both! The perfect choice to organize and showcase your bath essentials. Bamboo is smooth to the touch, enhancing your soothing home spa experience.

PLANK – Bamboo Series Bath Robe

Add that special touch of luxury to your home spa experience. Wrap yourself in “chocolate” in this luscious bamboo blended bathrobe by PLANK. Bamboo fibers offer high absorbency and possess anti-bacterial properties for a truly fresh finish to your bath. PLANK offers a towel set, too.

What a great way to give the gift of pampering!
Featured on the all eco-friendly, all-fashionable eshop, NIMLI. *photo credit: Nimli

CRATE AND BARRELL - Bamboo Bath Accessories

Finish your bathroom décor with these handsome accents. CRATE AND BARREL offers a deep rich finish to their bamboo bath accessories. Enhanced by their natural grain, these clean forms are both functional and fashionable.

CB2 – Bamboo Bath Mat

Fun meets function with this uniquely designed bamboo bath mat from CB2. Definied by bamboo bars forming a flexible grid that feels cool and therapeutic. The caramelized color is achieved naturally by heating the bamboo. Backed with non-skid rubber to stay in place after stepping out from that relaxing bath. Water resistant and easy care, just wipe it clean.

Spun Bamboo BathAccessories

The natural beauty of spun bamboo comes through in these practical yet stylish bamboo bath accessories from World Market. Use individually or as a set to organize all your bath necessities. The containers are stylish enough to use in the office or bedroom, too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bamboo - Garden Party!

It’s the perfect time of year for picnics and barbeques. Take your garden party planning the next eco-step by incorporating these stylish yet practical bamboo items for your next fête!

And Target does it’s part to strive for more “green” offerings. This Bamboo BBQ Set includes all the necessary tools for firing up some steaks or skewers on the grill. The handles are made of stylish and sturdy bamboo combined with durable stainless steel. This handsome set also makes a great gift for the man in your life who loves barbequing.
Bamboo in a Box by Bambu

Check out this all-in-one party pack! by Bambu, pervayers of eco-freindly bamboo products. Be the hip one to bring it to the party, or be the saavy hostess who flaunts it yourself. This all inclusive placesetting kit contains chopsticks, utensils, and plates all made of sustainable bamboo…and yes, even the box they are neatly packed in is bamboo, too! Completely biodegradable, so toss the idea of plastic forks and styrofoam plates. This smart set is chic and unique.

The same line of products by Bambu also
presents the “Spork”. You guessed it, a combination spoon and fork in one. Save on buying all those extra utensils, and save even more when you buy them in bulk!

From the fabulous eco-minded website of Joanne Hudson:

More fun from Bambu’s collection:
Double Wall Colored Baskets

Vivid colors add a punch to your picnic table or picnic blanket. Offered in a variety of sizes and shades to serve up a mix of treats like chips or bagettes. And keep using them all year long in the kitchen, or great décor for the living or dining rooms. Responsibly hand woven in China.
For more info on Bambu brand items and other earth-friendly items,
check out Green Feet, “The Planet’s Homestore”TM

Add some punchy color with these Vibrant Bamboo Bowls. The perfect size and shape for serving up those summer salads, tasty fruit, or ice cream! Choose from a cheery range of colors as green apple, cayenne, aqua, or kiwi. Mix and match for a colorful table setting. The bright lacquer finish is food-safe and cleans easily with warm soapy water.
Handcrafted in Thailand of sustainable bamboo.
Find them at Radiant Ideas for “World-Friendly Gifts”

For a modern touch to outdoor décor, relax with this Tre Bamboo Lounger with Ottoman combination. Certified as Sustainable Forestry Materials....and can you believe it's from Target?

So after the entertaining is over, kick back and enjoy a tall, cool one after the guests are gone...they'll be coming back for more!
And now they'll be inspired to go "eco" too!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bamboo - bountiful and beautiful

What makes bamboo the more eco-friendly choice over wood? First of all, bamboo is actually a species of grass not a wood, and is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants. Some types of bamboo can grow as fast as 3 feet per day! And because of its short growth cycle, it is truly renewable as it needs no replanting. It is known for its strength, considered harder than maple or red oak, and possesses a tensile strength greater than steel. Bamboo makes a great alternative for hard wood flooring because of its durability, not to mention a beautiful natural appearance. It’s versatility makes it an appealing substance for everything from furniture to utensils, and it’s roots are used in some foods. Another application for bamboo is its use in textiles. Bamboo can be spun into fibers, and the resulting fabrics have a silky smooth feel. Jersey knit made of bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial and breathable resulting in a comfortable, cooling effect when worn. Bedding, towels, and blankets can also be made of bamboo resulting in a silky cotton-like feel.

Other earth-friendly facts:
Good for the air - bamboo crops release more oxygen than their timber equivalents
Good for the soil and ground water – it grows without the need for pesticides or fertilizers
Good for the economy – it provides many food and product applications, humane jobs, and encourages rural manufacturing reducing the impact of industrialization

So good for the environment,
So go green and have fun finding modern home products utilizing bamboo!
Bamboo for the bedroom, bathroom, barbeques, and just for fun featured here all week long.