Tuesday, July 29, 2008

District Cotton - "making clothing better"

Hailing from Chicago, traveling to Central America, and landing in New York City, Brett Novik of District Cotton is out to make a difference by simply “making clothing better”. Better fabric, better labor practices, all add up to a better product, making you feel better about that stylish tshirt you’re wearing.

His studies in trade policies combined with a flair for cool urban styling was the motivation behind launching District Cotton: a truly eco-friendly, humanitarian-friendly line of t-shirts and bags produced from the ground up with social responsibility at the top of the list.

District Cotton features bags made of recycled billboards, and fun organic cotton hoodies and tshirts with bold street-smart graphic artwork. Also offers custom printing on those tees, too!

Sports team?
Charity event?
Your grandma’s 85th birthday?

Why not make your next social event a socially responsible statement as well?

AND THIS WEEK ONLY those sleek recycled BAGS are on SALE online!
Scoop up a tote or sport the bowling bag.
What else to do with an old billboard...? Rock it out as an all-weather, carry-it-all bag!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Natural Living Magazine

At the last Green Drinks in Manhattan, NY hosted at the gorgeous Tavern on the Green I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina Rohr, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Natural Living magazine. Based in Hollywood, California, her fabulous “green” magazine features articles covering everything from food, fashion, politics, home, and health. It is truly a total lifestyle magazine with experts in a diverse background of eco-friendly fields that contribute their certified knowledge providing insight and sources for all things “green”. Even the magazine itself qualifies as “green” as it is printed with soy ink on 100% recycled paper.

Learn to live even more naturally…

Subscription information:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

SISAL RUGS - the natural alternative

Walk away from those funky synthetic rugs, and choose all-natural SISAL rugs instead. Sisal rugs and carpeting have become the decorator’s choice for stylish floors due to the variety of colors and textures available. Featured in neutrals from light beiges to deep browns, the long fibers can actually be dyed before weaving thus creating interesting textures and color-play. It has an affinity for dyestuffs so rugs can be created in a variety of stylish colors for home décor as well. Textures vary from fine, subtle weaves in pale neutrals to strong, bold textures utilizing contrasting fibers woven together. A perfect centerpiece to a living room, a simple accent to the bedroom, or a sleek finish to stairs as a runner, sisal rugs add that natural touch to modern décor. Sisal carpeting also comes in wall-to-wall to completely finish a room.

I was surprised to find a variety at your well known home stores such as Crate and Barrel, The Company Store, Target, Pottery Barn, and the cheapest being available at Lowe’s.

Yet my designer-hungry hunt to find more unique varieties lead me to the following:

COASTAL STYLE offers a beautiful variety from sleek and modern, (pictured above) to fun multi-colored borders to spice up a dining room or deck area, adds that special spark when entertaining guests!


On the luxury level, Unique Carpets Limited has the most variety in sophisticated textures and colors. They offer standard as well as custom sizes.

Create your own sisal rug! Choose your shape, weave, binding color and size with their customized website, Sisal Rugs Direct. Rated "Best Buy" in the Wall Street Journal.

Right now there are great sales on a variety of sisal rugs online at:

SISAL - naturally tough and beautiful

SISAL is a stiff fiber derived from the 'agave sisalana' cactus plant. Sisal grows in semi-arid regions such as Brazil, Africa, Tanzina, and Kenya. All natural so it is biodegradable. Annual sisal production is the second largest in the world after cotton.

This fiber naturally lends itself to rugs and carpeting due to its strength and durablitiy. Sisal rugs are naturally anti-static, do not trap dust so they are easy to care for, simply vacuum or spot clean. They possess flame retardant and sound absorbing characteristics. Although it tends to expand or contract when wet, so avoid using in areas that receive many spills, rain, or snow.

Other products made from sisal include furniture, spa products, cat scratching posts, slippers, cloths, paper, geotextiles, mattresses, rope and macrame. Recent research has found sisal to be an eco-friendly alternative used as a strengthening agent, replacing harmful asbestos and fiberglass in certain manufacturing processes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

WOOL RUGS - bare your skin on a wool rug

The fantasy of the bear-skin rug is simply too outdated and barbaric for our time! So choose a wonderfully natural wool rug instead. There are many natural aspects of wool that enhance your home aesthetically and in a healthy way, too.
Resiliency – The wool fiber itself has a construct like a miniature spring, thus able to withstand and recover from repeated foot traction or pressure from furniture.
Flame retardant – Because wool has an inherently high moisture content, it is resistant to flame and also extinguishes easily.
Stain and soil resistant – Each little wool fiber is covered by a thin membrane preventing wet and dirty stains from penetrating the surface.
Natural air purifier – Wool has a natural ability to absorb contaminants from the air, whereas a synthetic rug or carpet gives off harmful toxins.
Climate control – Wool has the ability to absorb or release moisture, called hydroscopic, keeping you comfortably warm in the winter and cool during the hot and humid summer.

A subtle yet rich choice to accent an area is the “CABLE” rug from Room and Board (photo above). This area rug features 100% undyed wool, and is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Scandinavian hand knitting. The wonderfully thick-core yarn offers wonderful resiliency and comfort. Creates a neutral plateau of a naturally soft hue, so add your splash with colorful accessories like wool felted pillows.

And if you choose to go “wall to wall” with your floor covering, the natural way to enhance your home is with the Biohaus pure wool line of carpeting from Natural Home Products. It is manufactured completely chemical-free. There are “no dyes, pesticides or stain protection used” so you can breathe easy, unlike synthetic carpeting that emits these harmful toxins into the air. Even the backing and adhesives are eco-friendly, utilizing natural rubber, hemp, cotton, and jute fibers. Adds a soothing element to the bedroom or a sleek understatement to the living room.

Monday, July 7, 2008

WOOL - Pillow Talk

Ever get a crush on your cushion?

Fall in love with these lush wool creations from LoooLo.

Eco-friendly inside and out, they feature certified organic wool yarns from Switzerland, and the woolen fabrics are from organic farms in Vermont, U.S. The inserts are also composed of organic materials. Toxic-free methods are used to dye these brilliant yarns. There are no zippers or non-biodegradable closures. Alas, if one day you’ve cuddled this cushion until tattered and torn…it can return to earth’s soil from which it came by composting. But au contraire, these pillows are not for tossing, they are created with a timeless aesthetic and made with care to last, hand it down to the next eco-friendly generation.
They also feature luxurious scarves and blankets.
Featured is the “Mademoiselle” cushion, stylish yet timeless…
Find it at on Design Public, featuring the freshest in new design:

Presenting K Studio - the design duo of Shelly Klein and Mary Klein. Their backgrounds in the furniture industry combined with the passion to create in harmony with the environment has evolved into their line of eco-friendly home décor and accessories.
Choose your design, choose your color!
Pillows are made to order for that extra exclusive touch.
This wool felt option is composed of 50% recycled wools. In addition they offer organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. Their line of products also includes pouches, journals, and original paintings. Manufactured with eco-conscious care in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S. Great for customized gift-giving or to add that personal touch to your own home. Featured is the "Neighborhood" design.

Check out more of their whimsical motifs of family, fauna, and fawns on their website: http://www.kstudiohome.com/
Also available at the uber-modern "etailer" : 2modern

Introducing Felted Style. A touch from a dragonfly or a budding branch adorn these hand-crafted wool felt pillows. The wools are sourced either from local farms, or from Turkey and is dyed naturally using traditional earth-friendly dying methods. And soon the designer will be “switching to all organic fabrics for the back-side of my wall art and pillows. In addition, I will soon offer only pillows with inserts made from organic wool.” says Karen Hewig of Felted Style.
Go, green, go!

There is an array of nature inspired motifs to choose from. Mix and match for a personalized play of pattern and color.

“Most of my sales are custom orders. I am more than happy to work with customers to create a piece that meets their needs including finding wool that is considered organic.” ~ offers Hewig.
The designer also features rugs, and original art pieces to accent walls or table-tops.
Feel free to reach her through http://www.feltedstyle.blogspot.com/
Featured above is the Hand-Felted Turkish Merino Pillow with pussy willow motif.
etsy is the spot for amazing hand crafted accessories and original artwork – shop, or feature your own work on etsy! http://www.etsy.com/