Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello, and salutations to the year end, 2008...

and welcome to the New Year 2009!

Looking forward to an inspiring year of new and vital information relating to all things GREEN!

I took a break from my blog to pursue a fabulous class from September to December cleverly entitled Materialogical at Parsons The New School here in New York City. Matthew Hoey, a designer himself, taught the class. It was mind-opening and amazing. Not only did he cover eco-friendly materials, but really evaluated the pros and cons to both "green" and synthetic materials, manufacturing and design techniques. Hoey covered everything from interior design to fashion to architecture. It will be offered again starting in February of 2009. I highly recommend it for all design professionals! Amazing on-location field trips to museums, design studios, guest speakers in the field of "green" design, and innovative buildings right here in New York City.

For more information on the class, visit Parsons website and look for Materialogical PCID 1110

and here is the link to Matthew Hoey's website, Materialogical, outlining by catagory the plethora of amazing materials that are out there being developed and in use today:

What better way to start the New Year than with enrolling in a class to expand your knowledge in the "field of green" !

Cheers to an ever-evolving 2009!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BAMBOO TOWELS reign over Cotton

Dry off with a bamboo blend or all bamboo towel, for a truly fresh finish.

One of the advantages of bamboo as the newest choice for towels is its naturally silky feel, making it gentle against the skin. The anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo are ideal for towels, as they repel mildew and bacterias that like to grow in moist conditions. And bamboo also dries quickly and actually becomes softer wash after wash.

According to Consumer Reports, bamboo not only measures up to cotton in terms of its high absorbency, they surpass some tests compared to cotton towels for softness, color fastness, and pill resistance.

photo credit: Kelli
Below are a range of price points from $ (inexpensive) to $$$ (luxe)

for bamboo rich towels, with a touch of cotton. These are the best price, and in an array of soft hues. The ideal choice for affordable mix and match options. Look for their matching bamboo bath rugs and robes, too!

For the purist, ECOBATHROOM offers 100% bamboo. Pure white has no dyes so these are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Sold as a set only. Also offered in natural.

LANDS END offers a blend of bamboo and cotton in this rich cable pattern. There is also an option to custom monogram for that added touch of class making a luxurious gift. Buy individually, or as a handsome set. Colors are simply khaki or white.

Bamboo towels will continue to soften wash after wash. You may be tempted to use liquid fabric softener, but this will actually leave a film on the towels which decrease their absorbency, and may leave a “waxy feel.” Opt for dryer sheets instead. Machine wash delicate and tumble dry low for best results. Never use bleach. If your towels have a few loose threads, this happens to be a natural characteristic of the bamboo fiber. With a sharp scissors, simply snip the loose threads close to the surface. This will prevent them from pulling and thus avoiding damage.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Bamboo is the perfect décor for the bath. Naturally resistant to water and easy to wipe clean these bamboo bath accessories are both fashionable and functional.
And with a smooth to the touch finish, bamboo products will transform any bathroom into a zen-like home spa experience!

GAIAM - Bamboo Shower & Bath Caddy

Choose from either the shower caddy or bath tub caddy…or go for both! The perfect choice to organize and showcase your bath essentials. Bamboo is smooth to the touch, enhancing your soothing home spa experience.

PLANK – Bamboo Series Bath Robe

Add that special touch of luxury to your home spa experience. Wrap yourself in “chocolate” in this luscious bamboo blended bathrobe by PLANK. Bamboo fibers offer high absorbency and possess anti-bacterial properties for a truly fresh finish to your bath. PLANK offers a towel set, too.

What a great way to give the gift of pampering!
Featured on the all eco-friendly, all-fashionable eshop, NIMLI. *photo credit: Nimli

CRATE AND BARRELL - Bamboo Bath Accessories

Finish your bathroom décor with these handsome accents. CRATE AND BARREL offers a deep rich finish to their bamboo bath accessories. Enhanced by their natural grain, these clean forms are both functional and fashionable.

CB2 – Bamboo Bath Mat

Fun meets function with this uniquely designed bamboo bath mat from CB2. Definied by bamboo bars forming a flexible grid that feels cool and therapeutic. The caramelized color is achieved naturally by heating the bamboo. Backed with non-skid rubber to stay in place after stepping out from that relaxing bath. Water resistant and easy care, just wipe it clean.

Spun Bamboo BathAccessories

The natural beauty of spun bamboo comes through in these practical yet stylish bamboo bath accessories from World Market. Use individually or as a set to organize all your bath necessities. The containers are stylish enough to use in the office or bedroom, too!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bamboo - Garden Party!

It’s the perfect time of year for picnics and barbeques. Take your garden party planning the next eco-step by incorporating these stylish yet practical bamboo items for your next fête!

And Target does it’s part to strive for more “green” offerings. This Bamboo BBQ Set includes all the necessary tools for firing up some steaks or skewers on the grill. The handles are made of stylish and sturdy bamboo combined with durable stainless steel. This handsome set also makes a great gift for the man in your life who loves barbequing.
Bamboo in a Box by Bambu

Check out this all-in-one party pack! by Bambu, pervayers of eco-freindly bamboo products. Be the hip one to bring it to the party, or be the saavy hostess who flaunts it yourself. This all inclusive placesetting kit contains chopsticks, utensils, and plates all made of sustainable bamboo…and yes, even the box they are neatly packed in is bamboo, too! Completely biodegradable, so toss the idea of plastic forks and styrofoam plates. This smart set is chic and unique.

The same line of products by Bambu also
presents the “Spork”. You guessed it, a combination spoon and fork in one. Save on buying all those extra utensils, and save even more when you buy them in bulk!

From the fabulous eco-minded website of Joanne Hudson:

More fun from Bambu’s collection:
Double Wall Colored Baskets

Vivid colors add a punch to your picnic table or picnic blanket. Offered in a variety of sizes and shades to serve up a mix of treats like chips or bagettes. And keep using them all year long in the kitchen, or great décor for the living or dining rooms. Responsibly hand woven in China.
For more info on Bambu brand items and other earth-friendly items,
check out Green Feet, “The Planet’s Homestore”TM

Add some punchy color with these Vibrant Bamboo Bowls. The perfect size and shape for serving up those summer salads, tasty fruit, or ice cream! Choose from a cheery range of colors as green apple, cayenne, aqua, or kiwi. Mix and match for a colorful table setting. The bright lacquer finish is food-safe and cleans easily with warm soapy water.
Handcrafted in Thailand of sustainable bamboo.
Find them at Radiant Ideas for “World-Friendly Gifts”

For a modern touch to outdoor décor, relax with this Tre Bamboo Lounger with Ottoman combination. Certified as Sustainable Forestry Materials....and can you believe it's from Target?

So after the entertaining is over, kick back and enjoy a tall, cool one after the guests are gone...they'll be coming back for more!
And now they'll be inspired to go "eco" too!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bamboo - bountiful and beautiful

What makes bamboo the more eco-friendly choice over wood? First of all, bamboo is actually a species of grass not a wood, and is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants. Some types of bamboo can grow as fast as 3 feet per day! And because of its short growth cycle, it is truly renewable as it needs no replanting. It is known for its strength, considered harder than maple or red oak, and possesses a tensile strength greater than steel. Bamboo makes a great alternative for hard wood flooring because of its durability, not to mention a beautiful natural appearance. It’s versatility makes it an appealing substance for everything from furniture to utensils, and it’s roots are used in some foods. Another application for bamboo is its use in textiles. Bamboo can be spun into fibers, and the resulting fabrics have a silky smooth feel. Jersey knit made of bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial and breathable resulting in a comfortable, cooling effect when worn. Bedding, towels, and blankets can also be made of bamboo resulting in a silky cotton-like feel.

Other earth-friendly facts:
Good for the air - bamboo crops release more oxygen than their timber equivalents
Good for the soil and ground water – it grows without the need for pesticides or fertilizers
Good for the economy – it provides many food and product applications, humane jobs, and encourages rural manufacturing reducing the impact of industrialization

So good for the environment,
So go green and have fun finding modern home products utilizing bamboo!
Bamboo for the bedroom, bathroom, barbeques, and just for fun featured here all week long.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

District Cotton - "making clothing better"

Hailing from Chicago, traveling to Central America, and landing in New York City, Brett Novik of District Cotton is out to make a difference by simply “making clothing better”. Better fabric, better labor practices, all add up to a better product, making you feel better about that stylish tshirt you’re wearing.

His studies in trade policies combined with a flair for cool urban styling was the motivation behind launching District Cotton: a truly eco-friendly, humanitarian-friendly line of t-shirts and bags produced from the ground up with social responsibility at the top of the list.

District Cotton features bags made of recycled billboards, and fun organic cotton hoodies and tshirts with bold street-smart graphic artwork. Also offers custom printing on those tees, too!

Sports team?
Charity event?
Your grandma’s 85th birthday?

Why not make your next social event a socially responsible statement as well?

AND THIS WEEK ONLY those sleek recycled BAGS are on SALE online!
Scoop up a tote or sport the bowling bag.
What else to do with an old billboard...? Rock it out as an all-weather, carry-it-all bag!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Natural Living Magazine

At the last Green Drinks in Manhattan, NY hosted at the gorgeous Tavern on the Green I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina Rohr, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Natural Living magazine. Based in Hollywood, California, her fabulous “green” magazine features articles covering everything from food, fashion, politics, home, and health. It is truly a total lifestyle magazine with experts in a diverse background of eco-friendly fields that contribute their certified knowledge providing insight and sources for all things “green”. Even the magazine itself qualifies as “green” as it is printed with soy ink on 100% recycled paper.

Learn to live even more naturally…

Subscription information:

Saturday, July 19, 2008

SISAL RUGS - the natural alternative

Walk away from those funky synthetic rugs, and choose all-natural SISAL rugs instead. Sisal rugs and carpeting have become the decorator’s choice for stylish floors due to the variety of colors and textures available. Featured in neutrals from light beiges to deep browns, the long fibers can actually be dyed before weaving thus creating interesting textures and color-play. It has an affinity for dyestuffs so rugs can be created in a variety of stylish colors for home décor as well. Textures vary from fine, subtle weaves in pale neutrals to strong, bold textures utilizing contrasting fibers woven together. A perfect centerpiece to a living room, a simple accent to the bedroom, or a sleek finish to stairs as a runner, sisal rugs add that natural touch to modern décor. Sisal carpeting also comes in wall-to-wall to completely finish a room.

I was surprised to find a variety at your well known home stores such as Crate and Barrel, The Company Store, Target, Pottery Barn, and the cheapest being available at Lowe’s.

Yet my designer-hungry hunt to find more unique varieties lead me to the following:

COASTAL STYLE offers a beautiful variety from sleek and modern, (pictured above) to fun multi-colored borders to spice up a dining room or deck area, adds that special spark when entertaining guests!

On the luxury level, Unique Carpets Limited has the most variety in sophisticated textures and colors. They offer standard as well as custom sizes.

Create your own sisal rug! Choose your shape, weave, binding color and size with their customized website, Sisal Rugs Direct. Rated "Best Buy" in the Wall Street Journal.

Right now there are great sales on a variety of sisal rugs online at:

SISAL - naturally tough and beautiful

SISAL is a stiff fiber derived from the 'agave sisalana' cactus plant. Sisal grows in semi-arid regions such as Brazil, Africa, Tanzina, and Kenya. All natural so it is biodegradable. Annual sisal production is the second largest in the world after cotton.

This fiber naturally lends itself to rugs and carpeting due to its strength and durablitiy. Sisal rugs are naturally anti-static, do not trap dust so they are easy to care for, simply vacuum or spot clean. They possess flame retardant and sound absorbing characteristics. Although it tends to expand or contract when wet, so avoid using in areas that receive many spills, rain, or snow.

Other products made from sisal include furniture, spa products, cat scratching posts, slippers, cloths, paper, geotextiles, mattresses, rope and macrame. Recent research has found sisal to be an eco-friendly alternative used as a strengthening agent, replacing harmful asbestos and fiberglass in certain manufacturing processes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

WOOL RUGS - bare your skin on a wool rug

The fantasy of the bear-skin rug is simply too outdated and barbaric for our time! So choose a wonderfully natural wool rug instead. There are many natural aspects of wool that enhance your home aesthetically and in a healthy way, too.
Resiliency – The wool fiber itself has a construct like a miniature spring, thus able to withstand and recover from repeated foot traction or pressure from furniture.
Flame retardant – Because wool has an inherently high moisture content, it is resistant to flame and also extinguishes easily.
Stain and soil resistant – Each little wool fiber is covered by a thin membrane preventing wet and dirty stains from penetrating the surface.
Natural air purifier – Wool has a natural ability to absorb contaminants from the air, whereas a synthetic rug or carpet gives off harmful toxins.
Climate control – Wool has the ability to absorb or release moisture, called hydroscopic, keeping you comfortably warm in the winter and cool during the hot and humid summer.

A subtle yet rich choice to accent an area is the “CABLE” rug from Room and Board (photo above). This area rug features 100% undyed wool, and is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Scandinavian hand knitting. The wonderfully thick-core yarn offers wonderful resiliency and comfort. Creates a neutral plateau of a naturally soft hue, so add your splash with colorful accessories like wool felted pillows.

And if you choose to go “wall to wall” with your floor covering, the natural way to enhance your home is with the Biohaus pure wool line of carpeting from Natural Home Products. It is manufactured completely chemical-free. There are “no dyes, pesticides or stain protection used” so you can breathe easy, unlike synthetic carpeting that emits these harmful toxins into the air. Even the backing and adhesives are eco-friendly, utilizing natural rubber, hemp, cotton, and jute fibers. Adds a soothing element to the bedroom or a sleek understatement to the living room.

Monday, July 7, 2008

WOOL - Pillow Talk

Ever get a crush on your cushion?

Fall in love with these lush wool creations from LoooLo.

Eco-friendly inside and out, they feature certified organic wool yarns from Switzerland, and the woolen fabrics are from organic farms in Vermont, U.S. The inserts are also composed of organic materials. Toxic-free methods are used to dye these brilliant yarns. There are no zippers or non-biodegradable closures. Alas, if one day you’ve cuddled this cushion until tattered and torn…it can return to earth’s soil from which it came by composting. But au contraire, these pillows are not for tossing, they are created with a timeless aesthetic and made with care to last, hand it down to the next eco-friendly generation.
They also feature luxurious scarves and blankets.
Featured is the “Mademoiselle” cushion, stylish yet timeless…
Find it at on Design Public, featuring the freshest in new design:

Presenting K Studio - the design duo of Shelly Klein and Mary Klein. Their backgrounds in the furniture industry combined with the passion to create in harmony with the environment has evolved into their line of eco-friendly home décor and accessories.
Choose your design, choose your color!
Pillows are made to order for that extra exclusive touch.
This wool felt option is composed of 50% recycled wools. In addition they offer organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. Their line of products also includes pouches, journals, and original paintings. Manufactured with eco-conscious care in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S. Great for customized gift-giving or to add that personal touch to your own home. Featured is the "Neighborhood" design.

Check out more of their whimsical motifs of family, fauna, and fawns on their website:
Also available at the uber-modern "etailer" : 2modern

Introducing Felted Style. A touch from a dragonfly or a budding branch adorn these hand-crafted wool felt pillows. The wools are sourced either from local farms, or from Turkey and is dyed naturally using traditional earth-friendly dying methods. And soon the designer will be “switching to all organic fabrics for the back-side of my wall art and pillows. In addition, I will soon offer only pillows with inserts made from organic wool.” says Karen Hewig of Felted Style.
Go, green, go!

There is an array of nature inspired motifs to choose from. Mix and match for a personalized play of pattern and color.

“Most of my sales are custom orders. I am more than happy to work with customers to create a piece that meets their needs including finding wool that is considered organic.” ~ offers Hewig.
The designer also features rugs, and original art pieces to accent walls or table-tops.
Feel free to reach her through
Featured above is the Hand-Felted Turkish Merino Pillow with pussy willow motif.
etsy is the spot for amazing hand crafted accessories and original artwork – shop, or feature your own work on etsy!

Monday, June 30, 2008

ORGANIC WOOL – what makes an organic sheep a happy sheep?

Why does this sheep look so content in his field of green?
He is one of the lucky sheep whose precious wool is raised organically.

And what qualifies as ORGANIC wool?
According to the Organic Trade Association, there are federal standards in order for wool to be classified as "organic".
The animals must be grazed in pastures using chemical-free pesticides. Their feed must be only produced organically as well. There can be no use of hormones, synthetic hormones, nor can the animals be tampered through genetic engineering.

The other good news about organic wool is that it is processed without any harm to the sheep themselves. Cruelty-free management of the animals is a must.

Organic wool is popping up in items for home including blankets, baby toys, mattresses, pillows, rugs, carpeting, and functional yet fun objects d’art.

"Organic wool is also garnering a lot of attention from companies that produce bedding material. Because of the low-flammability characteristics of wool, it's a very desirable material to use inside futons, mattresses and even chairs in place of materials treated with fire retardent chemicals," says Sandra Marquardt, who coordinates the OTA's Fiber Council, "Because of that, I think the furniture and bedding market is going to be a huge growth potential area."

As the demand for organic wool products grows, so too will the applications for its use.

Certain products can be made with the basis of organically raised wool, yet there can be steps in the manufacturing process that may not be so eco-friendly. There may be toxic finishes to wool to prevent shrinkage, and colorful dyes may be chemically-based. Again, the degrees of total eco-friendliness will vary from product to product. Wools can be dyed safely using vegetable and water-based dyes. And undyed wool is a statement of natural beauty itself.

As we the consumers keep on making the choice towards organic wool, those innovative home product companies out there will have to listen to our demand and rise to the challenge of more beautiful eco designs from sheep-friendly wool.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Another great way to add natural style to your décor is with textiles from ModGreenPod. This sister team of Lisa and Nancy Mims have created textiles that are from start to finish eco-friendly. Made from 100% organic cotton, these bold prints are crafted with non-toxic dyes, hand silk screened, and are finished with a chemical-free process. See below for the easiest step-by-step DIY pillow demo! Punctuate your sofa or bed with these punchy prints, how can you choose just one? Feel free to mix and match
also featured on the eshop:

How to make an Envelope pillow
by DIY Maven

This DIY Maven has created simply the most succinct demo on a do-it-yourself pillow. Use the eco-fabulous fabrics from ModGreenPod and create your own fun! is THE source of up to date DIY home décor…and more

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CLOTH - Rest easy on an Organic Mattress

Under that fashionable organic bedding, the core of a sound sleep is in the foundation...


As our day to day schedules become busier, the importance of a healthy sleep environment is key to a balanced life. It's an investment that pays to pay a little more for a sound mind, body, and planet.

Investing in a mattress that is toxin-free not only provides a restoring sleep, it can prolong a lifespan. Resting each night, every night of our lives on an organic mattress can prevent harmful toxins from entering our bodies that may:
-effect the nervous system
-aggravate allergies
-irritate a pre-exhisting health condition
-contain cancer-causing flame-retardant chemicals
For more research and studies on mattress toxins, visit the website:

The company GreenSleep presents the Vimala Sleep System.
Their materials and processes are all designed to honor the earth and body. All GreenSleep frames are made from sustainable hardwood. The mattresses rubber core is 100% all natural, containing no synthetic nor toxic fillers. The rubber is harvested from rubber trees by independent farmers. The battings, fillings, and fabrics are made of the organic cotton and wool.

EARTHSAKE out of California offers an interesting 100% natural latex mattress called the Serentity. The beauty of the all latex core is that it naturally adjusts to every body contour. The property of pure latex provides a natural climate control, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The core's latex is from Brazilian rubber trees, and is topped off with a quilted layer of organic cotton and wool. Special features include naturally mold and mildew resistant, and chemical-free flame retardant.

(photo credit above: earthsake)

Another great company is LIFEKIND.
They offer a few styles of mattresses. One is the COMBINATION MATTRESS very similar in comfort and feel as commercially popular innerspring mattresses. Containing springs in the middle, this core is surrounded by a top and bottom layer of organic cotton padding and organic cotton canvas. The next layer is of non-toxic, 100% all natural rubber. And the "icing on the cake" is the quilted cover made of pure wool. Proudly made right here in the USA.
LIFEKIND offers mattresses for your baby crib, too. Provide a healthy start for your young ones!

Rest, rejuvenate, and revitalize all night long...and perhaps you may even be inspired to reinvent some romance as well

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CLOTH - in the Bedroom

Just today in my office, my co-worker brought me an article about mattresses. She teaches yoga part-time and the article was featured in one her balanced living publications.

Most of the new mass production of mattresses contain high contents of toxic materials that are harmful to our delicate systems. The very haven that we must all retreat to every evening is the very place our bodies are taking in toxins during those dreamy hours. Can you imagine what the long term effect will be to our delicate skin and nervous systems...each night, every night, for our entire lifetime...?

Thus, my hunt for the next eco-friendly and human-friendly fabrications for the bedroom.

Keeping with this month's theme of CLOTH, here is a modern line of certified organic cotton bedding from Amenity.
The beautiful, blown-out botanical prints feature non-toxic, water-based
And they are produced right here in the United States.

One of their earthy designs featured above in cove/cream + moss.

Add some “spice” to your bedroom with this dramatic paprika-colored LUCIA ORGANIC BEDDING from GAIAM. The stunning set features reversible jacquard pattern duvet and shams, with solid coordinating sheets and pillow cases. Made in Portugal of 100% organic cotton. This dramatic color was achieved using low eco-impact dyes.

Another luxurious option is the LARCH organic blanket and pillow from UNISON.
Design team Robert Segal and Alicia Rosauer launched their uber-modern home textile designs 4 years ago while residing in Finland, and have thus returned to Chicago. Inspired by nature and modernity, their designs feature nature-friendly organic cotton as well.
Let this elegant branch motif reach into your bedroom.
Made in Portugal of 100% organic cotton.

Now you'll rest easy by going "au naturel" in the bedroom.

Next up...the hunt for the ideal mattress - toxin-free!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Organic Cotton - what qualifies?

As one who continues to strive to make personal changes on a daily basis that are more in-synch with "green living",
I have begun to investigate organic cotton.
What truly qualifies as organic cotton?

To get to the facts on certified organic cotton, I went to both the USDA website and Cotton Incorporated.
Cotton Inc. offers the most concise explanation:

" 'Organic' means the cotton is produced to a set of strict USDA standards, enforced by USDA-certifying agents who must annually inspect fields and the operation for adherence to National Organic Program (NOP) standards. NOP standards require a 3-year conversion for land before organic crops can be harvested, so becoming an organic cotton producer is a long-term decision. "

And for those of you concerned with production of organic cotton in other countries as well, the USDA adheres to the following legal standards:

"If cotton is marketed in the United States as organic, regardless of the country of origin, it still must meet the same strict U.S. standards as if it was produced here in the United States. Organic cotton cannot be legally sold, represented, or marketed in the United States unless it meets the rigorous U.S. organic standards that were implemented in October, 2002. And only a USDA-certifying agent can verify that the cotton – wherever it was produced – meets the U.S. standards."

The biggest dilema regarding organic cotton is that many of the mass-market companies such as Walmart who are priding themselves as using organic cotton are utilizing dye methods that are chemical and metal-based dying and finishing techniques. Therefore, the fiber is organic, yet these chemical dyes are running off into water systems, polluting water and lands that they are produced in. Printing methods on organic cotton may also be from toxic chemicals. Finishes used to make home furnishing textiles stain-resistant or flame-retardant contain harsh toxins.

So keep your eye out for:
Certified USDA organic cotton
Vegetable and non-toxic dyes
Soy, water-based, and non-toxic printing
Chemical-free finishing alternatives

Given this information,
I am inspired to showcase some certified organic cotton products for that utitlize chemical-free dyes and printing processes so that your product is truly keeping the Earth happy and green...more soon!

If you have any more information regarding organic cotton, or products that you have found please feel free to share here on Glass House Living.

Also featured this week will be fun and practical CLOTH items...of a recycled nature

Sunday, May 18, 2008

CLOTH - on the Go

This week's element:


The ways in which cloth can be re-used, recycled into everything that's new again

I recently met the very expressive Patty O at the last Green Drinks New York event held at Chelsea Brewing Company. What a great location, right on the water on the West side of Manhattan.

Here Patty O has re-invented what to do when you're stuck with some of your ex's old clothes. Simply send her those old jeans, and she will rip them up and remake them into a fabulous new carry-it-all bag...and leave the "baggage" of that last relationship behind!

sing it with me, "where everything old is new again..."

for more information on Patty O
check out her website
she does more than just bags...
Clothing and accessories for men and women