Sunday, May 18, 2008

CLOTH - on the Go

This week's element:


The ways in which cloth can be re-used, recycled into everything that's new again

I recently met the very expressive Patty O at the last Green Drinks New York event held at Chelsea Brewing Company. What a great location, right on the water on the West side of Manhattan.

Here Patty O has re-invented what to do when you're stuck with some of your ex's old clothes. Simply send her those old jeans, and she will rip them up and remake them into a fabulous new carry-it-all bag...and leave the "baggage" of that last relationship behind!

sing it with me, "where everything old is new again..."

for more information on Patty O
check out her website
she does more than just bags...
Clothing and accessories for men and women

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