Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BAMBOO TOWELS reign over Cotton

Dry off with a bamboo blend or all bamboo towel, for a truly fresh finish.

One of the advantages of bamboo as the newest choice for towels is its naturally silky feel, making it gentle against the skin. The anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo are ideal for towels, as they repel mildew and bacterias that like to grow in moist conditions. And bamboo also dries quickly and actually becomes softer wash after wash.

According to Consumer Reports, bamboo not only measures up to cotton in terms of its high absorbency, they surpass some tests compared to cotton towels for softness, color fastness, and pill resistance.

photo credit: Kelli
Below are a range of price points from $ (inexpensive) to $$$ (luxe)

for bamboo rich towels, with a touch of cotton. These are the best price, and in an array of soft hues. The ideal choice for affordable mix and match options. Look for their matching bamboo bath rugs and robes, too!

For the purist, ECOBATHROOM offers 100% bamboo. Pure white has no dyes so these are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Sold as a set only. Also offered in natural.

LANDS END offers a blend of bamboo and cotton in this rich cable pattern. There is also an option to custom monogram for that added touch of class making a luxurious gift. Buy individually, or as a handsome set. Colors are simply khaki or white.


Bamboo towels will continue to soften wash after wash. You may be tempted to use liquid fabric softener, but this will actually leave a film on the towels which decrease their absorbency, and may leave a “waxy feel.” Opt for dryer sheets instead. Machine wash delicate and tumble dry low for best results. Never use bleach. If your towels have a few loose threads, this happens to be a natural characteristic of the bamboo fiber. With a sharp scissors, simply snip the loose threads close to the surface. This will prevent them from pulling and thus avoiding damage.

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dancilhoney said...

Authentic egyptian cotton towels is hard to find in Canada so when I saw Hazem at Port Credit I had to add to my collection. These towels are fantastic!