Tuesday, July 29, 2008

District Cotton - "making clothing better"

Hailing from Chicago, traveling to Central America, and landing in New York City, Brett Novik of District Cotton is out to make a difference by simply “making clothing better”. Better fabric, better labor practices, all add up to a better product, making you feel better about that stylish tshirt you’re wearing.

His studies in trade policies combined with a flair for cool urban styling was the motivation behind launching District Cotton: a truly eco-friendly, humanitarian-friendly line of t-shirts and bags produced from the ground up with social responsibility at the top of the list.

District Cotton features bags made of recycled billboards, and fun organic cotton hoodies and tshirts with bold street-smart graphic artwork. Also offers custom printing on those tees, too!

Sports team?
Charity event?
Your grandma’s 85th birthday?

Why not make your next social event a socially responsible statement as well?

AND THIS WEEK ONLY those sleek recycled BAGS are on SALE online!
Scoop up a tote or sport the bowling bag.
What else to do with an old billboard...? Rock it out as an all-weather, carry-it-all bag!


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