Sunday, July 13, 2008

WOOL RUGS - bare your skin on a wool rug

The fantasy of the bear-skin rug is simply too outdated and barbaric for our time! So choose a wonderfully natural wool rug instead. There are many natural aspects of wool that enhance your home aesthetically and in a healthy way, too.
Resiliency – The wool fiber itself has a construct like a miniature spring, thus able to withstand and recover from repeated foot traction or pressure from furniture.
Flame retardant – Because wool has an inherently high moisture content, it is resistant to flame and also extinguishes easily.
Stain and soil resistant – Each little wool fiber is covered by a thin membrane preventing wet and dirty stains from penetrating the surface.
Natural air purifier – Wool has a natural ability to absorb contaminants from the air, whereas a synthetic rug or carpet gives off harmful toxins.
Climate control – Wool has the ability to absorb or release moisture, called hydroscopic, keeping you comfortably warm in the winter and cool during the hot and humid summer.

A subtle yet rich choice to accent an area is the “CABLE” rug from Room and Board (photo above). This area rug features 100% undyed wool, and is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Scandinavian hand knitting. The wonderfully thick-core yarn offers wonderful resiliency and comfort. Creates a neutral plateau of a naturally soft hue, so add your splash with colorful accessories like wool felted pillows.

And if you choose to go “wall to wall” with your floor covering, the natural way to enhance your home is with the Biohaus pure wool line of carpeting from Natural Home Products. It is manufactured completely chemical-free. There are “no dyes, pesticides or stain protection used” so you can breathe easy, unlike synthetic carpeting that emits these harmful toxins into the air. Even the backing and adhesives are eco-friendly, utilizing natural rubber, hemp, cotton, and jute fibers. Adds a soothing element to the bedroom or a sleek understatement to the living room.


Raven said...

Gorgeous...and I learned something about wool. I didn't know that it had all of those sweet -and inherent- traits! :)


Henry said...

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April said...

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robin said...
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robin said...

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willam said...

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