Monday, January 26, 2009

A Healthy Dose of Color!

Add color to your home with confidence. No need to “Cover the Earth” as the old Sherwin Williams phrase goes. That ominous red "goo" looks so wrong in today's green-minded world! The irony in the use of RED is that it is the opposing color to GREEN on the color wheel...So appropriately give your walls a fresh and healthy dose of color...and GO GREEN!

Breathe easier with ZERO VOC paint alternatives to the traditional, smelly and harmful latex paints.

What is off-gassing? You know it, because you can smell it from typical latex paints. It is the effect of VOC’s, Volatile Organic Compounds, harmful gases emitted from liquids & solids, typically found in latex paints. A VOC is a certain type of carbon compound that reacts with nitrous oxides in the air and actually creates harmful ground-level ozone. VOC’s linger in the air long after a project is finished, and are found in much higher concentrations indoors than outdoors - more reason to opt for ZERO VOC alternatives when applying a new paint job to your interior.

My fiancé and I were ready to give our old house a much needed make-over by adding a shot of color to our interior walls. Our color inspiration ranged from greens to golds. We chose a peaceful green tea hue for the living room to enduce rest and relaxation. And chose an appetizing mustardy gold for the dining room to evoke comfort and indulgance. Fortunately, it was one stop shopping at Home Depot, as we were lucky enough to find FRESH AIRE CHOICE paints there.

For our gold, we chose the warm and inviting Perennial Gold, and for our Green, the soft and soothing Northern Pear Tree. FRESH AIRE CHOICE offers a modest color palette of 65 hues, which actually made it easier to choose from a more concise range. This nature-inspired pallette has a modern feel and made a perfectly balanced backdrop to our colorful home décor.

There are a surprising number of low and ZERO VOC paint companies out there!
Visit their websites for store locators, or online sales. Many offer exterior paints as well.

Average price on a gallon is around $35-$55 depending on the brand.
Here are some more fresh choices:

MYTHIC offers a huge range of colors from Brights to Earthtones, black and white. In a variety of finishes from flat to high gloss. They can match competitors’ colors, too. So if you fall in love with a no-no latex paint, send them a chip and they’ll match it.

SAFE COAT is zero VOC and contains no harmful preservatives, chemicals, or heavy metals. It utilizes molecular technology that actually seals surfaces, eliminating “off-gassing”. There are over 1000 colors to choose from. They also offer stains, sealers, clear finishes, and safe cleaners, too. Available in the NorthEast at Green Depot
Safe Building in the Midwest, and Living Green on the West Coast. Visit their website to find the nearest store.

For an "instant" eclectic alternative, "just add water" to REAL MILK PAINT. Use it to brighten walls, enhance floors, or finish decks, and it is a wonderful way to repaint new or antique wood furniture. For a rustic feel, it allows the natural beauty of the wood to come through. Visit their website to see pictures of proud customer’s creative home projects.

Hailing from Sweden, ALLBACK ORGANIC LINSEED OIL paints boast a 1000 year old history, and their claim to fame is a 50 year longevity on their exterior paints. Interior paints, linseed oil based stains and waxes available, too. Viking Sales is the sole distributor in the United States, as is not available in stores. Order direct online as they ship anywhere in North America.
They also offer a remarkable safe way to remove paint utilizing infrared technology:
And certified organic cleaning products, too:

BIOSHIELD based in New Mexico offers solvent-free paints, and interesting alternatives to decorative wall touches such as color washes, clay paints, clay plaster, and milk paints, too For a truly southwestern
inspired appearance, play with clay paints and plasters. Get a pint for about $10 to test a paint color before you commit. Nontoxic stains, natural brushes, and healthy cleaners are also available.

AMERICAN PRIDE PAINT was created right here in the U.S.A. at the University of Southern Mississippi. Originally developed by polymer scientists for the US Department of Defense, the goal was to eliminate offgassing in tradition latex paints. The concept received so much media coverage that the public asked where could they get in on this for their own homes. Features over 940 colors and color-matching service.

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