Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a better way to ring in the New Year than to focus on your temple, your body...that is. After the stress of the holidays, it’s time to take a moment and simply pamper yourself, re-energize for those new home projects you’re lining up in 2009! I’m in the process of tackling a new paint job with my fiancé to add some much needed punch of color to our home. We have been blessed with the passing down of his parents’ house to us. And as we’re getting down and dirty with renovations I’m always relieved after a project is complete to revel in the fabulous results, and to bathe and wash away the grime of a hard day’s work down the drain! It’s been a real work in process over the last year, and what really has inspired the launching of this blog. Making improvements in keeping with environmentally friendly design and material choices…the results of that will be posted up here soon!

But first, let’s focus on pampering your temple, your body.

The inspiration for taking a closer look at my own skin regime was thanks to Sophie Uliano’s new book “Gorgeously Green”. I was delighted to have received it as a Christmas gift from my future mother-in-law, as she knows I’m on the path to making my life healthier, and “greener”. Uliano outlined a very well researched chapter on all skin care products for him, for her, and for baby. It was from reading her book that inspired me to take a closer look at what I’ve been considering a simple, clean routine and surprised at what was in my products…and changed to some new organic products.

A great routine for these drying winter months is a cleansing lotion for face, a gentle exfoliant rids your skin of dirt & old cells that won’t leave your face too dry or red, and a hydrating lotion.

Jurlique is known for its all organically grown and formulated skin care products. I am the balancing Cleansing Lotion. Their “biodynamic blends” are made of herbs and flowers from certified organic and biodynamic farms in South Australia.

Caudalie Paris Hydrantant Radiance Day Fluid SPF8
The secret? The grape! Yes, the grape seed contains polyphenols- one of the most powerful anti-oxidants freeing your skin of free radicals. It boasts no parabens or phenoxyethenol, no mineral oils are artificial colorings, and no sodium laurel sulfate. I’m using it now, it leaves the most amazing natural glow to your visage.

The SPLURDGE – Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant
Is the most gorgeous color aqua blue and contains pineapple and papaya enzymes. The only reason I justified my splurge on this one, is also to test out what I’ll be using before my wedding day this coming May…and it is something “blue”…afterall! Trust me, you’re worth it!

And none of the above companies tests on animals, nor uses ingredients derived from our fellow furry friends.

It’s really easy to get free samples by being super friendly and honest with the sales associate. I simply stated I’m doing research before purchasing, and she gave me a some.

Here is a cohesive list of well researched ingredients thanks to Uliano that should be avoided as they may be carcinogens or allergins:

Coal Tar
Lead and Mercury
Mineral Oils
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Polyethylene Glycol
SD-40 Isopropyl Alchohol
Tocopherol Acetate
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats)
Cationic Surfactants
Benzyl Alcohol
Silicone Derived Emollients

The best exercise Uliano suggests is to pull all your products from your bathroom including soap, shampoo, deodorant, shower gels, lotions, skin care products, cosmetics, etc… and scan those labels for any of the above ingredients, and make note of what not to purchase and use on your precious body any more!

For more explanation on each ingredient listed above, and why categorized as harmful, go to And roam Sopie Uliano’s website for more amazing info on going green beautifully!

Ring in the New Year revived and refreshed!
at top photo credit: the White Barn Inn & Spa, Kennebunkport, Maine

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